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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 13, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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planning for a rally for big bird and sesame and funding for pbs. they are expecting thousands. that's what is galvinizing their attention . think about that. call your congressman and what ever the party and save the country. >> we will never prevent every act of violence or terrorism or achieve perfect security. our people cannot live in bunkers and do their jobs. what happened in benghazi. a month after the attack that kill would four americans. secretary of state hillary clinton pushes back against critics and said the obama administration is committed to uncovering the truth. but some are saying it is a cover up and want answers now. we'll talk to peter king. take two. obama and gov mitt romney get for a rematch.
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the pressure is on both candidates to find an edge. >> i am uma. live from the nation's capt cament starts right now. uma pemmaraju. >> over the next few days, president obama and governor romney will get deep in the debate prep for tuesday. obama looks to make up for the last debate performance romney looks to build on his momentum. karl cameron is traveling with the romney campaign and has more. >> we are live on the romney press bus in central ohio on the way to fort smith where governor romney will have a rally in a while. early this morning, he was taking part in the debate prep and he spent time sparring with his shadow boxers rob
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portman who plays the role of president obama . paul ryan is campaigning in ohio. big crowd and was aggressively going after the president on china policy. foreign policy will be a big part of the last debate. today paul ryan going after the president for not cracking down on china for the alleged currency manipulation and unfair trade practices. let's listen. >> the administration had their eighth chance to label china a currency manipulator. they will push the deadline until after the election. eight opportunities to say play fair with us and trade with us fairly. we have lost 100's of thousands of jobs because of just this problem. >> ohio is tremendously important to the romney/ripe
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rhine ticket and trade matters where trade took a hit. ohio is having a fairly strong come back with governor casec and not with standing the crit uponicism of ohio doing well . trying to trade particularly is a subject that mr. romney will hit hard. next week a week from friday following the long island debate there will be a economic speech and talking about how to reduce the debt and deficit. his final speech will include his own criticism with the president. >> so much going on. on the road with the mitt romney campaign. critics say it is not enough to give hope that the country is rebounding. and the end of the year fast approaching there is a looming chris that could force our nation off of a fiscal cliff. combination of automatic spending cuts and experdition of tax cuts will force
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millions of americans to lose their jobs. neil cavuto is here to tell us why even though we a presidential election ahead. the fiscal cliff is bigger. >> it is certainly more immediate. this is an event that is coming. the question is are they going to do anything about it or not? both parties are waiting to see what will happen if their guy wins f. it the president wins and keeps the senate they will cobble together a deal to call for letting the income rate on the rich expire and so only their taxes go up . keep those other spending cuts in place. it is anyone's guess what president-elect romney does with or without a democratic senate. if it is a republican one, the argument goes that they would table everything for a year. all . spending cut bush rates for a
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year . that might prove easier said than done. all of them expire at the exact same moment and say nothing of the host of investment rates . i might point out a lot of individuals must be getting wind of this. they have with drawn a bit of money from the mutual fund and from the stock market in the relevant safety of money markets just in case something bad hans and even those who run aggressive mutual funds are doing the same just to gird for the storm. one last point to point out. j.p. morgan jamie dimond is worried about that cliff and put millions set aside for the sceniario. and there is worry out there . most seem to think we can avoid this without catras
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strophy. >> you points out what lies ahead and yet congress and the political cand dates seem to ignore the crisis. why aren't we hearing more about this? >> i don't know why. i was joke nothing the last couple of hours that it is up to me uma to save the world. in all seriousness, it is like one of the most obvious things and no one is mentioning it. i guess because, well, it is so unthinkable no one think its is going to happen. like years ago, if you say. someone would take a passenger planes and ram them into buildingings, you would laugh at them. we know it system not a laughable or dismissable idea. this is far more obvious. this is on the calendar and the argument is we get by with a weird deal and pun its down the road or kick the can down the road. that is not such a given.
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a lot of people from ceo's and big investors and democrats and republicans, they are telling me, if we try to do something nampy pandy and the numbers don't add up we'll get downgrade our dollar will take a huge hit and our market will fall 10 percent in a matter of days. we had a big brokerage chairman saying a 10 percent knock off is a given . just because so many have assumed that it can't happen. that is the danger uma. what are you worried about? what are you worried about? they used to say the same ahead of a financial melt down. look. cooler heads prevail. i believe that. cooler heads do prevail. but sometimes they do it after the fire storm. you have a fire storm before cooler heads come. and that is the question here whether cooler heads will come
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before or after the storm. one way orth another uma, we are looking at a storm. >> and maybe we do need you to save the world. you are certainly a force for good. >> that's what i am telling people. great to see you in washington. >> amid the court challenges and early voting it is underway . wisconsin is admitting several of the municipalities are strugling to get ballots out in time . now the romney campaign said they are suing over the matter and peter doocy is here. >> the romney campaign is bringing it against the state of the wisconsin to defend voting rights of americans living over seas and military. they are stationed in remote dangerous front line location, there is a substantial likelihood that the defendant's violation of law will prevent military voters
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from returning their ballots in time to have them count the defendant's unlawful conduct may disenfranchise the men and women who make daily sacrifice to protect our government. but the government accountability board said the problem is isolate they have done their best to fix it >> 26 of the 851 local clerks who missed the deadline and we have a number of redundancies in the system. they got it in a timely manner and so they can mark it to get it counted. >> gab said electronic ballots cut transmission time in half and in most cases ballots are delivered . now the responsibility rests with a voters to get the ballot sent in on time . the lieutenant governor who was on "fox and friends" this morning is very worried.
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>> it is unacceptable that our military men and women, who allow us to sleep peacefully with our little kids at home and at night might be denied the opportunity to choose their next commander-in-chief. >> mitt romney campaign might fall suits elsewhere. nothin is imminent but we are monitoring other states and seriously considering filing a suit in vermont but the department of the justice filed their own suit. but there is only 24 days until the election and not much time to get it settled. >> not much time at all. we'll see you watch it closely. thank you for the update. >> we are working thoroughly and expeditiously as possible know thag we cannot afford to sacrifice accracy to speed . of course, our government is sparing no effort in tracking down the terrorist who
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perpetrated this attack. >> that is secretary of state hillary clinton saying that the investigation into the embassy attack in libya remains a top proprietary despite the fall out over an alleged cover up in the investigation that continue to raise big concerns about what happened and why? and now the chairman of homeland security commission is pushing hard and wants the state department to have the group responsible for the attack desinated as a terrorist organization. they are joining us now with more. congressman, welcome. great to have you here. >> great to be with you. >> let me ask you this, you believe that the group is a full-blown terrorist group working with al-qaida and if it is officially call would a terrorist organization what impact does that have now and on the ongoing investigation? >> uma, that would give our agencies far more power. for instance, there is a
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defining what it would be. it is defined as a foreign terrorist organization, many of the activities can be declared as terrorist and go after them criminally and charge them with crimes they would not be charged with otherwise . seize their assets and property and funding . makes it easier for the law enforce intelligence agencies military to go after them. it is more leverage once they are declared a terrorist organization. >> moving on, security officers were with drawn with libya as the conditions were getting worse. it the higher ups that denied the continuous protection. have you found out more information as to why this happened? >> it is an unanswered question. did is clear from the testimony that i was hearing the other day. the security officer felt more security was need so did lieutenant colonel stationed there. and he believe today was need
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for whatever reason that was denied and that is why the administration is reluctant to tell the full stor and why they didn't want to declare it a terrorist event that. leads them to the question of inadequate security in the consulate. >> what can you tell us about the diplomat post and what is on the tape? >> again, we are trying to find that and that is an issue here when the president and vice-president keep saying that the intelligence community did not have evidence to say it was a terrorist attack in the beginning. assuming it is true. i don't believe it is. but assuming it is true, the state department knew what was happen the president and vice-president said they didn't ask the secretary of state what her people on the ground saw? we learned in the hearing, the fact is, there was no demonstration and there was no demonstration that got out of the control and there was no demonstration to begin with. it was clear it was a
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terrorist attack is the administration playing it cute here. they spoke to the sy and did not speak to the state department. no one had more assets or resources on the ground than the state department. they were there and under fire . that attack was watch listened to in real time by state department people in washington. >> why hadn't we heard of hillary clinton being call to testify about what happened? >> a lot of us have a great regard for secretary clint yon considered like the one adult and professional in the administration. there was a certain reluctance to question hillary clinton. i think questions there are for her to answer. did the president at any time ask her what happened on the ground in the consulate . only the state department would have that information. did the vice-president or president speak to her and did intelligence officials speak to her and what did she tell
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them. a week after the attack. jay carny was talking about a demonstration outside of the consulate and he couldn't have said that unless the white house signed off on what he was saying. did the white house speak to secretary clinton and what was the situation on the ground. when did she first realize there no demonstration and it was a coordinated terrorist attack and also the secretary would have to answer why more security was not given. that decision i am sure never came to her level but what will she do in the future to make sure in the outpost we have many of which are areas, will they receive the security that we now that they need. unlike as the president claimed. al-qaida is not dismate there are al-qaida franchises all over the middle east and africa and in the arabian peninsula and al shabob and al-qaida in iraq it is a
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mutating cancerous type move still very, very dangerous. >>im running out of time. we still don't know who told susan rice to put out that fictitious story about the span tanous demonstration of the anti-muslim video. that remains a central question does it not. >> ambassador rice heard it from the intelligence community and report to the state department. did she ask what happened on the ground. if she had asked them and intelligence to ask them they would have told her there was a no demonstration and it a coordinated terrorist attack. >> thank you, peter king . we'll continue to bring you on the program to update us, appreciate it >> uma, thank you. >> we weren't told they wanted more security and we didn't know they wanted more security and by the way at the time we
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were told and said exactly what the intelligence community told us that they knew. >> as we sit through the investigation vice-president is saying the obama administration didn't know the american consulate wanted more security to protect them it is your turn to weigh in. do you believe him? tweet your answers. and i plan to read your responses later in this hour. >> and the investigation in to the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi will move over to the senate. it will be held by chairman joe leiberman. they plan to keep the heat on the white house and state department with so many questions remaining unanswered. >> and the second half of america's news headquarters starts right now and here's what is coming up. >> i wish it could have been a return of a playful little
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girl. focus shifts from the search of young jessica ridgeway to tracking down her killer. her mismembered body found yesterday. >> who representative of the administration gave false statements not just to us but our fellow citizens on national television? as the investigation in the benghazi 9/11 attacks grows, so do concerns over an alleged cover up. a leading security expert weighs in and could secretary of state hillary clinton be preparing to take the fall for the security failure in benghazi? one best selling author said yes, and he has proof. y will hear from him just ahead. plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way.
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>> a sad ending in the search for a missing colorado youngster who is now found dead. authorities are saying that a body found in the suburban denver park was identified as jessica ridgeway. she was found 7 miles from her home. f.b.i. and local police are appealing to the community for help in finding her abductor. the 10 year old disappeared while walking to school a week
12:23 pm
ago. >> strong wind and tornados threatening states from ohio to texas. they are monitoring the situation with threats from the severe weather center. we are talking about severe weather stretching in our country from texas to parts of oklahoma and iowa and even southern portions of wisconsin. so it is a large area that is dealing with the possibility of large hail and damaging wind gusts and possibly tornados it is not unusual this time of year to see the possibility of the force of the weather because of the transitional. and we are seeing colder air moving on southward and where those air masses crash we tend sotee the violent thunderstorms it is fall and we tend to see them firing up and current temperatures in the 60s and 70s in texas.
12:24 pm
behind the front cooler and 50s. 50 in denver and 50 in albuquerque. high temperatures warming up in parts of texas and part of the reason we will see those storms firing up. . >> the space shuttle endeavor is slowly making its way to his new home. we'll tell you when it will get there and could the administration be planing to make hillary clinton take the fall for the lack of security in benghazi? you will hear from a guest coming up and said it could happen. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. with the next critical. most are getting in the debate prep mode.
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peter doocy has more on that. >> governor romney is mixing campaigning with the debate preparation. and he has two more rallies in the key state of the ohio. and another assassination attempt in the libya city of benghazi. officials say a home made bomb was hidden under a police colonels car and no one was exploded because the colonel went back in the house after cranking up the heat of his car to keep it warm. >> endeavor is on a journey. space shuttle is crawling through the streets of los angeles being to yoed to youed to the science center. it is going at a top speed of two miles per hour. and td banks is notifying
12:30 pm
customers from maine to florida they may be victims of a data breach. unencrypted back up tapes were misplaced. and those are the top stories right now. back to you. >> peter thank you very much. the obama administration is taking heat for the handling of the terror attack in benghazi and lawmakers are determine to get to the bottom of what happened in libya. here's more in washington with the latest to get those answers. >> they started to investigate the lib raattack. the republican senator who lead the security committee said there is a full acting. and they say in a statement we intend to examine the circumstances before and during and after the attack
12:31 pm
including threat aware and communication among the intelligence commount and state department and white house . we want to fully understand why the administration's assessment of the attack were proven inaccurate. they are fielding a lot of questions after joe biden said we were not told they wanted more security in libya. it is handled by security personnel at the state department. so that i think is very clear if you look at it in context of what the vice-president responded to. to this day we don't have a complete picture. we do not have all of the answers. no one in this administration has ever claimed otherwise. but one republican house
12:32 pm
member who returned from a trip to libya said the obama administration should have known that our facilities needed more security. >> good leadership and a good president saying my goodness we were bombed in libya twice and what did we do to improve yuter there. not just sit back and wait and see. >> the administration had no objectionable intelience and suggesting an attack in the benghazi facility on 9/11. >> molly, thank you. mr. chairman, i would like to have another hearing where we ask ambassador rice under oath who told you what, and when? you are blaming the intelligence committee you come before the intelligence and tell us who told you it was a video. >> there is a angry trey gaughty on the hearog the benghazi. house republicans are determined to find out who is to blame for the security
12:33 pm
break down in lib yampt joining us now. and do you think the white house and others are trying to throw the intelligence community under the bus. >> being a military leader. they are not act nothing a landlord areship like mode. they pointed a finger at a subordinate and that is a poor way to do it. >> what is your take away from the hearing this week. i think the congress was rightfully upset that they at best received grossly inaccurate information and possibly deliberately so. it is their job as representatives of the people to bring things to light and investigate it. and i think their ire is understandable. >> many are saying it is time for hillary clinton to step forward and provide information to fill in the gaps. >> i think secretary clinton who is well thought of all over the administration and
12:34 pm
across the government, she has the integrity if he comes before congress under oath and i think you will get more insight in the truth of this than you will might get otherwise. >> when you take a look at what was revealed so far, it seems that the communication break down is massive on this. and yet we continue to hear from the white house, that joe biden is saying, they didn't know that the diplomatic post wanted more protection and how can that be? there is always a possibility that no body told them . as a leader. you sort of the set the tone for your subordinate and the fact that there were multiple bombings on libya and attacks on the british council and un personnel and international red cross personnel. their awareness should have been heightened enough if it was brought up.
12:35 pm
they should have been informed on it. i would be shocked if they weren't. going deeper. you take a look at the narrative that the obama administration was putting out there. bin laden is dead and al-qaida has been diminished and do you think that so much is murky and there is a celebrity attempt to try and force the issue to go behind on the back burner as we speak. it is politically driven and al-qaida remains strong in areas and there are real concerns around the world when it comes to those who hate the united states and their interest. >> you are hit on the head. clearly the narrative that the obama administration is pushing so long. we basically have won. we can back up go to business as usual. and this attack starkly shows
12:36 pm
that is untrue and it is false and it gives lie to everything coming out of the white house about the war on terror it is still a war on terror and there are still radical jihadist terrorist that want to kill us and our representatives and in this case they were successful. thank you so much for joining us for the insight. we appreciate it and there is so much at stake right now. thank you for being here. >> glad to be here. thank you. >> testimony from the house committee hearings didn't give pat smith closure. her son shawn was killed in the attack in benghazi and she said she's not been given any answers. smith is accusing the white house of not only with holding information from her and lying about it. tonight she will judge janine pirro for an interview you will not want to miss. >> unemployment is down, but is it too good to be true?
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>> welcome back everybody. unemployment is down 3-10ths of a percentage point it is such a charp decline prominent business men are crying foul. it began with a tweet from a former ceo jack welch. unbelievable unemployment numberings. these chicago guys can't change numbers so. >> and jack welch is right. the economy would have to increase at break neck speed. joining us now to talk about this is the author of freedom manifesto steve forbes.
12:42 pm
>> thank you. >> do you believe that the numbers are cooked up? especially in the summer time. millions of kids going into the work force and seasonal adjustments in august they did notice that a million kids who normally might stay and work in september dropped out in august. and they should have made adjustments and taking into account the unusual activity in august. they didn't do that. maybe that is government incompetence. if you didn't make that adjustment you get a better number than reality. if you look at long-term trend going back to march of this year. there is no new creation of full-time jobs. almost all of it is part-time work and people who don't want it but have to take it because there is nothing better. that is the shocking thing. third or fourth year in the recovery we are having to defend on part-time rather than full-time employment and
12:43 pm
that is why the growth rate is slowing down. >> are you thinking it was done to help the president in the close election? what i am saying. the fact that they didn't make adjustments because of the unusual seasonal patterns it may be government incompetence but it helped the white house on the september report. either one it is not good. cooking the books chicago style or government in slowness in responding to reality. >> we have another jobs report coming out before the actual election and when that comes out what impact will it have. >> the key thing is, the sophistication that the public has on the issue. they realize people are dropping out of the habor force and they realize that people taking work they don't like and part-time work which is what we have skew the numbers and people are focused
12:44 pm
on 15 or 14.7 percent of the people unemployment or can't get kind of jobs theyment. people realize this economy does not have a head of steam. what is the real moment yum with this economy there is no moment yum going back wards in terms of the growth patterns and that will be in people's minds on election day. they will not pay attention on a specific number but get the feel for is this economy back on track. and the answer is not. >> and i am concerned. so many people who are stopping looking for work. how can the government not include them in the calculations this time around? how come they were written off? >> who knows. people are familiar with the labor force participation rate which is low. and the seasonal adjustments,
12:45 pm
i mean the idea according to the labor department surveys, we added several hundred of thousands of jobs and at the time of the local level there are lay offs . so these seasonal adjustments are really i think when we get the election out of the way, among other things the new administration will have to get a nonpartisan panel looking at this thing and what rates are in the labor force situation. we don't have crazy skews on seasonal adjustments. >> it is interesting to see what the next jobs report will have on it. and in the seconds we have left. there is a new book coming out. tell us about it. >> it is about the stark choices before november and what we are doing after november . we are going in the direction of big government or free markets and the point we make in the book that i co-authored. it is about meeting the needs
12:46 pm
of people and uncare cold and exact opposite and it portrays itself as compassionate and you can see an example of that in the chicago school strike. it is all about paying benefits and nothing about the kids in the classroom. big contrary to the image looks after its own interest and free markets look after the people's needs you will not succeed unless you provide a product or service. >> it is always a pleasure to have you here. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you, uma. the blame for the deadly libya attack fall on hillary clinton? our next guest said it could happen. stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time?
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>> welcome back everybody. pakistani police made the arrest in a shooting of a 14 year old girl that captured entered headlines. she remains in critical condition at this time. doctors say the next 48 hours are very important and hope she will pull through. the young girl was an inspiration of courage and digity and she was speaking
12:51 pm
out and taking aim at the taliban. the taliban took responsibility for the shooting and saying she was promoting western thinking. the obama administration is conditioning to deal with the fall out over the terror attack. and best selling author said according to his sources. clintons feel that benghazi tragedy president obama may hang it on the secretary of state and force her to take the fall for it there ed kline is joining us live from new york . welcome, nice to have you here today. >> great to be with you, thank you for having mo. o on. >> what is your sources telling you. the clintons are planning for a doomsday scenario so to speak. >> they are planning a bunch. one getting their legal team together which they have begun doing so that when and if
12:52 pm
hillary clinton is subpoenas which i believe she will be. she will have an answer to whether or not she will appear before the house committee and whether or not she will use executive privilege as an excuse not to give them inner office memorandia. >> and why do you think she is setting the stage for this and. >> bill clinton believes, this is basod my reporting, bill clinton believes that given the stakes in this election, that the obama white house and especially the obama campaign team, is likely to try to throw hilary under the bus rather than have obama take responsibility for what happened in benghazi. >> and so as mrs. clinton gears up try to focus on her own legacy, this is something that the clintons are taking quite seriously. do you expect from the sources
12:53 pm
that we are going to see the obama white house step up that rhetoric and focus on mrs. clinton as a scapegoat. >> i think they have started to do that. saying they didn't know about that it was the state department. bill's effort this year hasn't been to concentrate on 2012 and the reelection of bark obama but set the stage for a run by his wife hillary in 2016. he's been trying to burnish the clinton brad and he's been trying to show that the clintons are loyal democrats and out on the campaign trail. beating the drums of bark obama and now that whole scenario and plan of his is called into question by who's going to take the blame for benghazi. >> let's hear from mrs. clinton who spoke out
12:54 pm
about the investigation and this is what she had to say. >> nobody should have ever thought it was an easy road. i certainly didn't. however, it is important to look at the full picture. to weigh the violent acts of a small number of extremist against the aspiration and actions of the region's people and governments. >> is there a chance do you think that the strategy that the obama white house allegedly is planning here may back fire. >> i do think it could back fire. the clintons are one tough bunch of people and they will allow hillary clinton to go down in flames on the benghazi business. this could be a terrific stain on her reputation and a stain on the reputation of the president . so the question is, who is going to take the blame for this. will the president step nup
12:55 pm
the second debate yes, he did know about the request for increased security. and it was not all the problem of thitate department, or will he once again claim that i didn't know anything about this. if he didn't know anything about it. that in itself is a terrible admission of lack of control and governance of foreign policy and he up to now claimed was one of the bright spots in his administration. >> and ed kline thank you for joining us today . we'll and see what develops out of >> thank you, uma. we'll take a quick break and have more after this. don't go away. for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs,
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>> during his debate gop vice presidential candidate paul ryan, joe biden said he didn't know officials in benghazi wanted extra security. we asked you if you believe him. here's what many of you said. >> sue said: and john said: we had many more responses but couldn't get to everyone because of the time. so that's going to do it here for me in washington. america's news headquarters rolls on. new york is standing by to take


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